Namaste – Welcome All to GoddessBless!

This site is dedicated to bringing the Goddess in the modern world. We are committed to personal transformation & claiming your inner Goddess/God through Magnetic Touch and Charka Alignment.

 Our First Mission is to exonerate our Mystic Mother Dr. Tracy Elise D.A.H.S  the High Priestess of the Phoenix Goddess Temple and Elder Medicine Woman of O.N.A.C. Mother Medicine Wheel.  To learn more about Dr. Elise and what she does, click here.

Dr. Tracy Elise

Dr. Tracy Elise is a non-profit organization. All proceeds given to go directly to bringing out the Goddess!

One-third goes to the mission of exonerating Dr. Tracy Elise, one-third gives back to women through scholarships clothes, food, and shelter, and the rest goes into a Goddess Bless Trust. This Trust is to ensure the Goddess and people who want to love Her will have a sacred space to do so in the future.